Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching
Do Good Stuff: Mac and iOs Coaching

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events and meetings
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operations consulting
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events & meetings
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technology software
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events & meetings
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events & meetings
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development & communications
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events & meetings
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operations consulting
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events & meetings
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technology software

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what i do

I partner with clients to produce events and meetings, execute development and communications initiatives, deploy and utilize powerful databases and software technology, assess current operational processes, and provide personalized coaching and training. I help my clients develop and employ the practices and strategies that are best suited to meet their goals and objectives. In concert with other do-gooders, I help transform lofty objectives into tangible results through thoughtful collaboration, detailed planning, and deliberate execution.
I do good stuff.

p tyrone smith, chief do gooder and results conjurer

I am passionate about working with stakeholders who share a vision to do good stuff. I have a penchant for collaboration, a love of technology, a gift for managing complex initiatives, and the ambition to make a difference. These qualities have driven my success throughout my career, and I have developed an undeniable reputation for producing extraordinary results in concert with other fearless, motivated collaborators. My broad experience, ambitious temperament, and unique core values make me distinctively skilled and qualified for projects of any size and scope.

what i deliver

event production

interim staffing

database consullting

project management

techology software

operational consullting

what inspires me

  • I believe in the power of “us” — collaboration and consensus-building are the most effective way to engage stakeholders and produce extraordinary results. When collaborators know that their ideas and contributions are welcomed and valued, their engagement and participation levels remain high. These are guiding principles I use to facilitate a strong sense of ownership, enthusiasm, and productivity among stakeholders:
  • leadership, excellence, and accountability
  • accuracy, efficiency, and transparency
  • inquiry, deliberation, and consensus
  • relationships, communication, and collaboration
  • creativity, innovation, and agility

how we produce results

  • challenge the status quo
  • pay attention to detail
  • clearly articulate goals and expectations
  • respond swiftly and thoughtfully to inquiries, challenges, and requests
  • facilitate honest, innovative, and deliberative discussions that ask the right questions
  • establish accountability for deliverables, deadlines, and communications
  • build consensus to engage and motivate stakeholders
  • design, optimize, document and deploy thoughtful, efficient, and effective best practices, policies and procedures, and workflows
  • deliver comprehensive staff training and development
  • identify the big picture and articulate granular requirements
  • employ transparent and concise communications
  • utilize deliberate decision-making principles to anticipate future outcomes and do what works
  • advocate realistic expectations of the allocation of human resources
  • leverage technology to streamline collaboration and communication

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